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This week, the World Crime will be presenting its Fiendish Fundraiser event.  It will feature scenes from 3 upcoming Fringe shows, and a staged reading of "We Were Only Henchmen." Info and tickets can be found here.


Update our show gallery with pictures from the F**ked-Up Xmas Special!  If you missed out on our festival, you can see what you missed out on!


New logo.

More info on the World Crime League's F**ked-Up Xmas Special posted in the Current Production section of the site!

Check out our Indiegogo campaign to see how you can help us make the best show possible! You can get some cool stuff, such as t-shirts, DVDs, posters, and tickets!


The World Crime League will be holding auditions for the World Crime League's F**ked-Up Xmas Special in September. Click here for more info!



The World Crime League is now accepting script submissions for its "F**ked Up Xmas Special" Please check out this post for more information!


Hope you made it out to see the Dead of Winter Double Feature. If not, maybe we'll see you at one of the next WCL shows. In the meantime, check out the updated gallery, now with pictures from the Dead of Winter Double Feature.

Want to keep up with the World Crime League's future goings on? You can still follow us on Facebook and Twitter, but you can also join the World Crime League mailing list; just hop over to the Contact page of this website and enter your email and then you'll be in the know in regards to auditions, shows, and other events that may be up your alley.


Happy New Year! Tickets are now on sale for The Dead of Winter Double Feature, coming your way this February!  If you have a Minnesota Fringe Button, you can get a $2 discount on tickets! Isn't that cool?

Also, be sure to check out our trailer for the show, located on the Current Production page. Finally, if you have some extra money just lying around, why not consider donating it to our Indiegogo campaign? We've got a few perks for you if you do.


Our next project, The Dead of Winter Double Feature will be going up in February. Auditions will be held in November, but you can sign up now!



The Minnesota Fringe Festival website is live! That means you can read more about Writer's Block. and reserve your tickets! Go do it now!


Some Writer's Block. photos are up! Go check them out!


New Media page. One thing there so far. Maybe we'll get more?


Welcome to the brand new website for the World Crime League! We have just started rehearsals for the WCL's debut play: "Writer's Block." by Andrew Rosdail. The show will open as part of the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival in August. Tickets will be on sale soon, but in the meantime, have a look around our new site and be sure to check back for more updates on our show and the future!

Want to help the WCL in their future and current schemes? Why not consider giving us money? All money will go toward paying artists and technicians, securing venue and rehearsal spaces, and just making it so we can produce the best art possible. Any amount helps!